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Peregrines nesting on the Washington Mutual tower
The nest is on the NE-facing side of the tower, in a nest box provided by FRG. The camera is mounted about 30' from the nest, facing roughly SE.


* * * *
 The 2 falcons raised this year (2009) at the WAMU tower have successfully fledged so we have taken the streaming camera off-line.
 We sincerely hope you enjoyed this year's events.

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In order to view the video, your browser will need a QuickTime plug-in.
This module will not harm your computer.

Click here for another "live" webcam version.

Click here
 for a street view of the nest location using Google Map
Click here
 for an aerial view of the nest location using Google Earth
** Important Note: make sure you enable "3D Buildings" on your Google Earth Layers.

The streaming video above is a live view of a nesting pair of Peregrine falcons at the 56th floor of the Washington Mutual Tower (WAMU) in downtown Seattle, Washington.
 ** Please note because of bandwidth limitations we have limited the connection time to 3 minutes per session.